TZLT pursues a Policy in the field of an Integrated Management System for the quality, ecology and food safety of cast packaging products, aimed at:

To ensure continuous improvement of the Enterprise’s activities and the implementation of the Integrated Management System Policy on quality, ecology and food safety of cast containers, the Management set the following strategic goals:

The management of the Company takes responsibility for the implementation and comprehensive support of measures aimed at improving safety and preserving the life and health of employees, the quality of services, as well as improving the environmental safety of the types of activities implemented in the Company.

The management of the Company undertakes to conduct periodic analysis and, if necessary, revise the IMS Policy in order to keep it up to date. Each employee of the Company and the contracting organization is obliged to take measures to prevent and suppress hazardous activities and stop work if such work poses a risk of quality, ecology and food hazard and bear personal responsibility for observing and implementing the Policy of the Company.