As previously planned, despite the difficult situation around the world against the background of an unstable epidemiological situation, our company found the opportunity to launch a completely new production line, which has few analogues worldwide in terms of production capacity.

We are especially proud of the fact that this line is represented by the domestic engineering and production enterprise SEM Technology, an experienced manufacturer of equipment in the pulp and paper industry, and is assembled for 90% of components made in Ukraine.  Based on current trends in the production of paper molded packaging, SEM Technology specialists were able to expand the capabilities of our enterprise and optimize the production process with minimal participation of workers on the line.  Thanks to their knowledge and experience, we were also able to significantly improve our main production of molded egg trays.

Our new paper molded packaging line is capable of producing various types of fruit substrates, egg containers, cup holders and other types of packaging containers.

At the moment, we are successfully producing a wide range of apple trays of the sizes 600x400 and 480x285; these trays formats are designed for both transporting apples in boxes and for presentation in trading areas.  The quality of new products has already been appreciated by many agricultural enterprises, and on the eve of the fruit crop season, the products of our company are instantly becoming more and more popular with both domestic and European farmers.