With the development of the domestic agricultural industry and the successful release of products of this segment on the European market, new requirements for the transportation of certain types of agricultural products appear in order to preserve a presentable type of product. Also, these requirements are becoming relevant for the domestic market. The seller already wants to draw attention to his product and present it as a premium quality product, changing for him only the packaging.

Our company closely monitors all current trends in the packaging materials market and, in this regard, starts a project of production of the fruit and vegetable trays. This type of trays will comply with all already accepted European standards for the quality and generally accepted size of these types of products. Such a transport tray will be primarily responsible for the safety of the transported product, in which its aesthetic appearance will be preserved.

Also, with our tray, the seller will receive a number of additional advantages:

The start of the production is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2020.